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General Wellness

Gout. The pain and life-altering effects of this debilitating disease can disrupt the normal functioning of any athletically minded person. It's disruptive flare ups can make it very uncomfortable to function normally. It is also believed to be a precursor to heart disease and diabetes if not treated. The science behind battling this disease may just be found in your gut. Learn more about this truth and other measures for battling gout.

Type 2 Diabetes. The debilitating effects of being overcome by diabetes can lead to crippling effects in the body including increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, or falling into a diabetic coma due to several physiological deficiencies including hyperglycemia. When insulin is deficient in transporting consumed energy to the cells, high blood sugar can occur. Based on research at the University of Utah, Texas University, Harvard Medical School, and other reputable institutions, learn the 3 steps to reverse type 2 diabetes permanently.  


Men's Wellness

Prostate Health. Save your prostate, save your life! It really is that simple. At age 45, most men will have an increased risk of concerns with prostate health. In fact, according to, "about 1 man in 9 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime." Learn more about the best solution for managing prostate health well into your golden years.


Women's Wellness

Cellulite Treatment. Tired of the gimmicks and schemes to get you to buy the myriad solutions on the market that untruthfully target your skin instead of the physiological muscle remedial stimulation? Then, this solution will guide you to the truth of what actually causes and treats cellulite, with an expert who has seen and treated thousands of women around the world. 


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